Undoubtedly, it’s P8

  • New Field Art Festival, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei, TW


P8 - Continual outflank- the eight immortals' trie to swim the ocean

  • "PROJECT 1- P_A_U_S_E, _止_"- The 4th Gwangju Biennial Exhibition, Gwangju, KR


“I’m sorry”,

no more than an interjection,

a “ooh”, a voice-over in a farce while

the passerby gets a pie on his face, or

on a commercial channel while

J loses weight of

tens of  pounds

with their magical body-shaping band

[Cinderella she incarnates]


Or no more than an impotent eye

to behold the world we never see through

a refined curve little white ball makes at far top of T’s head  [a hole in one!]

a rainbow rising on his face [with its immovable promise]

yeah…we’ll do keep our words, “ I’m sorry,” if it could be a promise

true as the sizzles on the burning land chaps when the first tempest comes


but it may be to more extent

“a tongue which mothers metaphors” [merely as a metaphor itself ]

misty as mist a pair of smoky eyes wear

steep as a steep her toes descend, the quiet long cape in blue high heels


innocent we be

Make “seeing is believing” the best

the artistic

the cheapest [most economical]

the purest purist everything

meadow to dwell in

heroics we deed

Take giant steps to

no where



P8 - Happy Community - In The Meantime, P8 is Taking The Shortcut

  • "The Gravity of The Immaterial", MOCA Grand Opening Exhibition, Taipei, TW


P8 - Happy Community - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

  • Paint House Gallery and Studio, Tainan, TW


P8 - Happy Community: a gratifying harvest after total cultivation - Warning: heavy radiation, dangerous to get close

  • IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio Taipei, TW


Happy Community - Total strategy, its laughter and tears description

  • ETAT, Taipei, TW