Absence – 1995 and 2005 Documenta, Solo Exhibition by K. Y. Tsui

  • IT Park Gallery& Photo Studio, Taipei, TW
  • 2008/12-2009/01

Apologies if reading documents is boring!

This exhibition does not present the latest works by Kuang-Yu Tsui, but traces the meaningful events for the artist and IT Park Gallery that took place in the past. It is also an extension of the relationship between the artist and the gallery. This is both the first time and the last time for these fragments of history to be shown.

While closely interrelated, these unpublished fragments of history also exist as individual works revealing the events behind the works already published. In a way, this exhibition is telling of the artist’s decision to include or omit a scene in his works based on practical concerns. Furthermore, it shows the accidental events that left a lasting mark of their own. The drafts and fragmented works, interrelated yet somewhat independent, may not provide any specific explanation, but they serve to construct a meaningful context for this exhibition, answer any question a viewer may have and establish a dialogue between the artist and IT Park Gallery.

2005 Oh! Shit 


2005 Garbage Athletics 

Venice document