Rubbing the City: Beautiful Dirty Bubble

  • Action Video / Single Channel Video
  • 07:08
  • 2012
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For this video, I first created a bubble machine that runs on the exhaust of buses. The goal was to transform these passenger carrying city buses, tourist buses, or trucks into mobile bubble machines that criss-cross the city, coating the dirty city air with the beauty of imaginative possibilities. Similar to the various objects that fill our daily lives, I am optimistic that through this transformation and whitewash, this imperfection can in fact become a street bubble show reverie. At the same time, through this symbolic contrast, I try to ask: Behind this sugar-coated rhetoric of modern day life, what is it that ultimately shapes and drives our lives? And do we have the ability to imagine or even create a relationship between this system of life and ourselves? 

This work can be seen as a continuation of past works in that I personally involved myself in the very social environment I was hoping to comment on. Coming from the perspective of a social experiment, I have attempted to further explore the boundaries of our urban environment and modern life, as well as use the resulting measurements to uncover the possibilities hidden within our modern landscape and lifestyle.

As a starting point, I placed the crux of my question within life’s very own social tools and ceremonies. The hope is that through such an in-depth and sustained contact, the questions we have regarding modern-day life will be infused with a renewed sense of optimism. Furthermore, by fitting this work within the way of life as we know and live it, I examine whether my creation and imagination that drives it can offer us a taste in accord with reality, at the same time as transforming the existing social framework and obtaining the possibility of its practice and implementation in our daily lives.

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