Exercise Living : New York Clipping

  • Action Video
  • 07:30
  • 2018
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This piece of work was shot on the streets of New York, I attempt to intervene with what I called ‘action graffiti’ through objects obtained from daily life, transforming some of the coincidences and events discovered in the surrounding, into a critique of environment and reality.

This is not the project that I originally wanted to do in New York. Before arriving in the city I heard that it was an extremely wasteful city. It’s only after living here for a while that I’ve realized the huge contradiction of value that led to these sense of helplessness happening every day. Like many challenges to social values, once the negative cycle starts, it is very difficult to turn back. Many things have evolved into a ridiculous game of values, and facts are often overshadowed by outrageous and superficial perspectives. Here I am transforming the items collected in daily consumption, using the ready-made metropolitan elements to transform the city into a miniature theater, and allowing the objects that should have been discarded on the street corners to become the protagonist and return to the street, implying and responding to the fact that: No one will really take these tricks seriously! Outside the lens these tricks are just the inconspicuous aspect in daily life to the passers-by. The alienating metropolis in the backgrounds highlights the crisis and challenges facing the society.


2020 "Daily Sucks / 150 Meters of LoveHomePeace", Solo Exhibition by K. Y. Tsui, Double Square Gallery, Taipei, TW



2019 "52 Artists 52 Actions", Artspace, Sydney, AU

2018 "52 Artists 52 Actions", Instagram online program planned by Artspace, Sydney