The Wind from Taipei

  • Single Channel Video
  • 07:37
  • 2020

I come from Taipei. Sometimes we have certain feelings and imaginations for a foreign land, but I often wonder what this means for the locals.

Arriving in Hengchun, the downslope wind feels like a carving knife that shapes the cultural landscape of Kenting as well as how everyone adapts to and imagines life. I see local industries waiting to be revived, young people returning home to start their own businesses, local culture being passed on, and everyone’s daily life intertwined at the lively night market. However, whose imagination is this, and how is it going to be realized? I came here for the downslope wind, but I sensed the place is destined for development marked by local characteristics. This confusion also occurs in the urban and rural development around everyone. We often see people coming from the city to pursue their dreams, but the dreams turn out to be what the locals chase after in their daily life.

The act of exchanging daily life for dreams maps out the products of different values meeting, testing the humanistic value that has been cultivated by the downslope wind for a long time. Many people come here to experience the downslope wind, but the people in Taipei think it must be a dream if the blown sand does not hurt their cheeks.

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"2020 Luoshanfeng Arts Festival", Seaside Gallery, Pingtung, TW, 2020.12-2021.03